Evidence base for health and marketing claims and research strategies


“Building an evidence base on objective scientific evidence not perceived wisdom”

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  • Systematic reviews and technical reports

  • Scoping of strategic objectives and gap analysis

  • Analyses of existing data sets e.g. interrogating international and internal databases and surveys to support health claims

  • Designing observational and intervention studies to fill evidence gaps from synopsis to ethical approval and clinical report forms

  • Communicating evidence including internal reports, presenting to senior boards, conference presentations and peer-reviewed manuscripts

CASE STUDY – commissioned systematic review to assess associations between carbohydrate type and micronutrient intakes

Systematic review to be used by food industry in consultations with policy makers and as evidence for nutrition guidelines. This project included;

Advising client on objectives for systematic review

Developing methodology including inclusion and exclusion criteria, literature search strategy, search terms and article evaluation method

Preparing data extraction form

Conducting screening of articles, evaluation of studies, sensitivity analyses and tabulating results

Identifying methodological issues, key studies and summary

Preparing slide deck for client of key results and conclusions

Preparing and submitting peer-reviewed manuscript

Liaising with client on press releases and communications on manuscript publication