Providing evidence-based solutions and evaluation expertise in public health and epidemiology

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 Heartwood Health offer a range of consultancy that includes analysing and interpreting health data, synthesising evidence and evaluating the evidence base in reviews and reports, designing and evaluating lifestyle interventions and effectively disseminating results to stakeholders. Our specialist areas of expertise are outlined in the service pages.

We have expertise in epidemiology, public health, health psychology, nutrition and dietetics with proven track records of successfully handling complex projects in large global companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, government and non-government organisations.

We work with you: We question, we research, we assimilate, we evaluate, we communicate

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For each of our projects we create a Project Team drawn from our Associate network of expert researchers and consultants to meet our client’s needs. We work with a range of Associates who have a wide range of knowledge and skills; from epidemiology, dietetics, and health psychology to public relations and science communications. All have postgraduate qualifications in their specialities and experience of working in consultancy alongside in-house teams and project management. We often work in partnership with other companies, charities and non-profit organisations.