Epidemiology And Statistics


“Providing your business with health statistics”

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  • From design phase and statistical analysis plan to final report

  • Objective androbust interrogation of datasets to interpretation and reports for technical and non-science audiences

  • Hypothesis driven analyses disease aetiology, health indicator associations and trend analyses

  • Analyses of existing data sets <100 to >500,000 observations

  • Experience of national and international healthcare survey data

  • Extensive experience of national and international healthcare survey data and nutrition surveys

CASE STUDY : CPRD-HES Descriptive study

Describe real-world clinical management of specific patient group. Secondary analyses using Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) with Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)-linked data to describe management of patients with specific cardiovascular group of conditions in UK. This project included:

Advising client on the strengths and limitations of study design and use of CPRD-HES linked dataset to address research question

Determining inclusion and exclusion criteria for dataset

Defining patient and case definitions, intervention status using ICD-10 Read, and Operating Procedure Codes

Working with data manager in preparing dataset from data extraction to final dataset including data template, data quality checks and computation of derived variables

Writing protocol including Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)

Descriptive analyses of patient characterisation at index point by socio-demographics, comorbidities, hospitalisation procedures and medications

Analysis of 12 month follow-up of patients following initial hospitalisation including medications, treatment patterns and outcome (death, subsequent disease-related events)

Sensitivity analyses and stratification by type of event and intervention