Public health interventions


“Effective interventions for real world settings”

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  • Building interventions with local authorities, healthcare companies, schools and workplaces

  • Experience of building interventions with local authorities, healthcare companies, schools and workplaces

  • Expertise in Tier 1 and Tier 2 lifestyle interventions underpinned by behaviour change models in cardiovascular disease risk (nutrition, physical activity, weight management, smoking cessation)

  • Designing and undertaking needs assessments

  • Tailoring communication to enhance engagement with health interventions

  • Training in communication strategies for health care practitioners 

  • Designing and implementing web-based interventions for improving health outcomes

  • Specialist expertise in the use of biofeedback technology in lifestyle interventions

  • Using biofeedback technology in lifestyle interventions 





CASE STUDY - Web based weight management programme


Development of multi-component behaviour change system based on key behaviour change theories. This included;

Specific content for three programme modes for weight loss, weight maintenance or physical activity only

Content for users to identify goals and targets and recommend suitable programme mode

Working with teams on appropriate feedback from Bluetooth-enabled water-resistant triaxial accelerometer and weighing scales for self-monitoring of physical activity and body weight

Tools and content based on best evidence in literature and key intervention programmes (e.g. Diabetes Prevention Programme) including goals and target setting, solutions for barriers, implementation intentions via on-screen tools

Automated constructive feedback tailored to performance relative to their goals

Environmental cueing via mobile phone SMS text or email reminder service (for behaviour intentions)

Design of validity pilot study to assess usage and level of engagement and process evaluation in a work-placed setting